Trivial SMTP ASP.NET Winsock Connectivity Issues

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ASP.NETLately I have been experiencing issues with running SMTP on ASP.NET 1.1 on a Windows Server specifically the Standard edition. It was a trivial issue and very difficult to trace. The problem would appear in just a day and sometimes will disappear for weeks. The issue has been attributed to a Winsock crash (ASP.NET informs this through the error page). I have not found I have not found any blogs that tackle this issue so I hope this post will help others.... Click here to read more

Workaround Fix For NSData Crash or Exception During Release in Objective-C

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iPhoneI have been moonlighting as an iPhone Developer recently and I can truly say that you will probably spend more time fixing memory leaks in your code than programming for your App in XCode. I was working on a custom (RSS) feed reader and I was determined to keep the memory footprint to less than 30kb because it was a very simple App. I got stuck when I tried to release my feed data inside the NSData class in Cocoa. It crashed even though I tried different methods such as declaring NSURLConnection as an object. This object is probably the largest data stored in memory (can reach about 4MB) in my App because it contains the feed in XML (and not JSON), so it really needs to be released.... Click here to read more

Improve RAID Performance on Intel Based Motherboards by Storage Driver Update

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Here’s a good tip: My 160 GB Seagate hard disk started to fail so I decided to try RAID 0 on my old Intel DG965WH motherboard. I purchased two 320 GB Western Digital Caviar Blue (WD3200AAJS) drives. I mounted the drives on the system and installed Intel Matrix Storage drivers in Windows 7. I ran a benchmark on HDTach and was satisfied. I checked for a newer version of this driver but found nothing. After 2 months I learned that the new version of this driver is called Intel Rapid Storage. I was not expecting any performance boost at all but when I ran the benchmark again it showed a 28% increase on sustained rates! Check out the videos below (best viewed in 480p):... Click here to read more

How to Spot a Good Motherboard

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dg965whjpgI was recently browsing the web to check the price of my motherboard, when I found something surprising. I purchased my Intel DG965WHMKR motherboard for Php 6,500.00 back in May 2005, and as I was checking the prices I found out that the average price for this motherboard is currently and possibly for the year 2009 would be at Php 6,100.00 and that price is for outside the Philippines. How much more would that be if the board is to be purchased here it probably would cost at least Php 8,000.00. Anyway, here are some tips to picking a good board.... Click here to read more