I have been using Photobucket since 2004 and I had not realized how much troublesome it was than ImageShack. As a web developer I have often used Photobucket to store images thus saving bandwidth. However I did not realize that there was a bandwidth limit and most of the time my website would be in disarray.

Pros and Cons for Photobucket

1.) Images can only be uploaded if you have a user account

2.) Images get resized if they are too large

3.) Easier to understand and use

4.) Sweet interface

5.) Has a terrible bandwidth limit, replacing your pictures with their logo

Pros and Cons for ImageShack

1.) Images can be uploaded without a user account

2.) Images don’t get resized and can be viewed through a direct link

3.) ImageShack shows too many ads if you do not know how to modify the thumbnail anchors

4.) If you would not take a second look at the site you would swore it only contained ads

5.) Best of all no bandwidth limit on the images

Overall, I choose ImageShack for the only reason that it hosts the images in full sizes without any annoying adjustments.

Update July, 27 2017: Imageshack and Photobucket don’t support free hotlinks anymore.

  1. handsmellshitter
    Apr 13, 2008

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