Ragnarok Online Philippines Beta Days

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It’s been quite a while since Ragnarok Online Philippines, it is very easy to remember those days, just go to Prontera and listen to the theme of the place and memories will come flooding back. For all those old players out there who have stopped playing there will always be a time when you will start thinking about logging in again and seeing you character online. It was a far better time back then where you could go find other people to form a party with, money was hard to come by and the eagerness and enthusiasm each one had to see how far the game would actually let you go. OMG writing this makes me want to play more, time to pay 100 per week! c(”,)

* The one and only Boyztrek Internet Cafe of Davao

* An old forum banner I created and used during the beta days of RO Philippines

3 thoughts on “Ragnarok Online Philippines Beta Days

  1. Aaack.. >< you’ve read my mind.. why.. just last night I missed my Lord Knight and tried loading up just to see it.. ha! pero walang 20 peso load sa boyztrek T___T at wala ako pera that time.. hehehe.. Oh well, I just have to wait for the merge then, woohoo .. URDR and Tyr, wonder what would the server be called then.. *Thinks* .. . . *Stares blankly into space*

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