Intel SkulltrailIntel’s latest top of the line motherboard, the Intel D5400XS, is the only desktop motherboard that I can say can perform as a gaming rig as well as performing the duties of a 24/7 server. It might be a pointless,stupid and unnecessary idea to do so because this would boost the price tremendously so no one will be able buy this board but that is just what Intel is all about.., to be able to balance extreme reliability and extreme performance. I dubbed it as the first ever retail "Overclocked Server" even though it is not a common thing to overclock servers. c(”,).

I am an avid fan of ATI and AMD as gaming platforms but since I work as a Systems Administrator, Software Developer, Web Developer and a hardcore Gaming enthusiast, I will always prefer a motherboard and a processor that can handle such tasks that pertain in each category, power, reliability, speed, efficiency and have good support. Based on my experience maintaining AMD class workstations (use, udpating bios, installing, formatting, bios/OS optimizations etc..), AMD is just not cut out to do this, AMD will always be for extreme graphics games and light computer processing. This is due to some motherboards that support the AMD platform, I will probably write a future article on why this is so. This motherboard however is a supports of all of the above. I was so amazed seeing this board when it first came out in February of 2008. Back then I was expecting if there was ever going to be a Pentium 5. Intel also does not support overclocking in their boards but this board is in the Extreme Series so it can do overclocking as well.

Intel® Desktop Board D5400XS (Retail Edition)
Intel Desktop Board D5400XS

As a Server and Workstation

dbextreme_74.gifThe Intel D5400XS can support 8 cores and is based on a Xeon supporting motherboard, Intel’s Xeon supporting motherboards are the best there is when it comes to reliability, as an example, Xeon class motherboards are used by IBM in its servers. I as a Systems Administrator have dealt with IBM Servers, they are very reliable and can be left on for months without slowing down and in my experience as an Intel user I too know how Intel boards are well built. My previous computer has Pentium 3 motherboard D815EEA2, it lasted me 5 years formatting only twice in that span. Dual booting with Windows 98 and Windows XP, it ran for at least 5-8 hours a days because my sister also uses it in the evening for her school assignments and other online activities, plus I leave it running to do downloads and uploads. I do not even hesitate or get scared in updating Intel’s motherboard BIOS, it’s just that reliable. It was the opposite back then when I still had a motherboard with a VIA chipset running S3… >_<

As a Gaming Platform

Let me just say one thing. Triple-crossfire support I do not know about Quadfire, looking at the board I do not think it will fit. Too bad for NVIDIA though it can only support 2 SLI and not triple. c(”,)

/hmm: It is a bit weird thought though, ATI is owned by AMD but Intel supports ATI over NVIDIA…

All in All

It’s an extremely good board! A bit expensive though but if you need a well balanced computer that will last you a long time, let us say 5 years or more, This motherboard or perhaps any Intel motherboard would be the best way to go.

  1. Dee
    Apr 08, 2008

    Hey Seph I haven’t a clue about these techy things. I once heard that these boards have lots of valuable metals inside. Is that true?

  2. Moushie
    Apr 08, 2008

    Yes, I’ve read they have gold inside but not as much, it would cost you more just to take them out than having to sell it.

  3. MakMak Aerandir Inglorion
    Apr 12, 2008

    Impressive, although.. I didn’t get some of these.. I’m no “techno geek” no offense , Kinit.. hahahaha.. I’m still undergoing training for my job.. xD

  4. denton1ph
    Apr 15, 2008

    i want to quote this “to be able to balance extreme reliability and extreme performance”… this is true but the bad thing is it also has an extreme cost! It is a very good thing to have one of those but i really cannot use all its funtionlality… If i need a server workstation and be able to use and take advantage of all its functionalities then its a must for me to have!

  5. nice
    Apr 15, 2008

    blah blah blah blah… =D

  6. nice
    Apr 15, 2008

    did you know that swans are the only birds with penises? hehe.. eh di ako mkarelate eh. =)