Installing and Setting Up Teamspeak

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Skype, Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk and Live Messenger, all these have a lot of useless stuff you will not need when the only thing you want to do is have a voice conference with 5-10 or more people. Teamspeak is a dehydrated version of all these messengers leaving only voice conferencing which is solely what you need when multi-tasking. This is most useful when in online games. So to all •Barons• members or anyone who is a member of guild that does sieges out there, this is how to do it. c(”,)


Teamspeak Installation:

1.) Download the file named TeamSpeak 2 Client here. The file is about 5mb in size.

2.) Install the program, it is very easy, just click next until the program is installed.

3.) Done!

Teamspeak Test:

1.) Make sure your headset and microphone are properly connected to the rear of you computer, the green jack(speakers/headphones) should be plugged in the green socket and the pink jack(microphone) should be plugged in the pink socket.

2.) Open Teamspeak and click "Settings" and then click "Sound Input/Output Settings". You should see this window below:


There are two settings here:

a.) The first one is just a Volume slider that increases or decreases the speaker volume, I did not highlight this in the image.

b.) The second one, Voice Send Method has two options, "Push to Talk" and "Voice Activation". Push to talk means that to be able to send your voice message you need to press a key in the keyboard, this key can be assigned using the Set button and reset by the Clear button. Voice Activation on the other hand does not need a keypress but rather the sound and volume of your voice, there is a slider below this that sets how easily the system will detect the volume of your voice. Whisper detects the faintest of sounds, this is not recommended when you are using a speaker because it will cause a lot of feedback. Move the slider to the right until you get the mix just right. Don’t put it in Shout though because you will really need to yell just for the system to detect your voice.

3.) The last thing to do would be to will be to test the setup, in the Local Test section, click "Activate local test mode". This will allow you to test your microphone. Try speaking into the microphone, if the setup was a success you should hear your voice from the speakers. The Test Codec option specifies the sound quality, the higher the Kbit the better the sound will be.


I have not encountered a lot of problems with installing or using Teamspeak so far but these by far are the most common:

1.) Cannot use the microphone will using the front panel jacks of the computer. The best solution I have for this would be to disable the front panel detection. This commonly applies to Realtek sound boards. To do this:

a.) Open the control panel for the Realtek sound card and look for the Audio IO window. Click the Connector Settings button:


b.) In the Connector Settings window make sure "Disable front panel jack detection" is checked.


20 thoughts on “Installing and Setting Up Teamspeak

  1. enlighten a non-techie like me… how is teamspeak compared to ym? does this mean if i’m using this my contacts should as well? =)

  2. Quote on BJ:

    “This works great for teamplays in DotA GGClient ^_^x”

    tama2x. This will become a major edge. You don’t need to shout at the top of your lungs for gb. Just talk and you’ll see Sven’s hammer (stun) flying towards the enemy. Then you initiate your combo – (Vendetta(4), Tsug!, Tsug!, Stun(4), Tsug, Tsug, Manaburn(4), Dagon(4).) ^_^x Ooopss.. Sorry, got carried away. (chuckle)

  3. aw+s! Char au Ui.e.. Kaw nagPRog n2 Kuia?!
    ahmm//.- kaW najuD nah.. hahaha.. Hmpt.
    Btaw AUs xa.. Aus naLang! hahah.. atik lang..
    toinks.. gamiT xa kung multi tasking jud. wew.!
    samot na pag siEge haha. pero dpat headset jud?
    Good Job! Nc1! brava! wooooooo kentot!

  4. It’s one of the best for communicating with online friends in online games, it runs in the background while you play and your microphone is hands free. Plus it does not take a lot of memory space in windows. Another program which works in the same way and is popular in World of Warcraft is Ventrilo.

  5. I haven’t used this one yet. I’ve heard about Ventrillo too… I think that “Leroy Jenkins” guy and his guild mates used Ventrillo.. We don’t use stuff like this.. lol RF online is way too different.. ><

  6. Discus Fish, what do you mean by “against friends” ?? . . . . do you mean like Ragnarok online ??.. I think this works like Yahoo Messenger does.. I mean.. the only guys who will be able to hear you are the ones using the same program and if you’re on his/her friend list.. I dunno, just a wild guess.. XD

  7. i think ventrilo is better than teamspeak.. i dont now.. i havent got a chance to try both.. hehe

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