Taking Care of A New German Sheperd (Check Out His Pedigree!)

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We are getting a new German Shepherd puppy this Sunday, his name is Solo Von Kaiserplatz. He was sired by Tasso of Greenwater, and his mom, Hana vom Team Fiemereck, was a purebred champion. I also posted his pedigree database entry. He has a really interesting story when he was born, Something terrible happened to his tail….

a solo picture of solo
Solo Von Kaiserplatz’s Pedigree Database Entry

He might be small but he will grow bigger! His father Tasso can stand up and reach your shoulders with his paws!

Solo was born an only pup, and during his birth his mom had a difficult time, so in order to speed up the process she tagged on his tail and pulled. A portion (at least 1/5 of the total length) of his tail got cut off due to this. It looked bad from the start but in any other case it might be a sign that this dog is something else! c(”,) Hopefully it will grow back since he is still a puppy. I only have experienced taking care of one GSD (German Shepherd Dog) and I really don’t know that much about caring for for them but…

our other two dogs, goku (black daschund) and lara (GSD), seems to me they were talking about who gets to poop where

Here are some of my self learned GSD caring tips:

1.) German Shepherds can have layers and layers of dead or dull hair as I found out one day when it clogged the drain >_<. So whhen giving your GSD a bath make sure to scrub the fur with your fingers and not with your palm or a plastic bristle brush, this removes a lot of shedding hair plus you will know if your GSD has ticks. Scrub his fur also when rinsing it. Doing this will give your dog a very shiny coat after the bath. I have learned this through weeks and weeks of giving our GSD a bath.

2.) Thoroughly dry out the fur after the bath and do not let the wind dry it out, doing this slows down the time it takes for him to take another bath. Dogs have a lot of body heat and I think this dries up any moisture in their skin, since they do not have sweat glands a lot of stuff stays there, and that I think this causes stink that is really bad sometimes.

3.) Be comfortable and do not be afraid with your dog biting your hands or fingers, I think it is how they play. But before you do this, make sure your hands are clean so that it will not have the smell of food on. I have played with our GSD using my my index and middle finger, pulling back the upper and lower fangs. German Shepherd dogs are extremely smart, they know when to stop. c(”,)

4.) When there is a stray cat around your home, let your GSD go and let him have some fun! lol c(”,)

9 thoughts on “Taking Care of A New German Sheperd (Check Out His Pedigree!)

  1. I love German Shepherds you have a cute puppy and your other is a very nice example of the breed! Your home is well protected! I hope Solo’s mother is ok. His tail is no problem..it gives him character!

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  2. Goku! I think that shorty dog hates me. i remember when i was in your house, he/she kept barking at me. Cgro akala nya pusa ako. hahahaha!

  3. Cute Doggie ^_^ I also had a GSD before. Anyway, don’t forget to trim his nails (or claws? o_O) once in a while. He might injure himself if they grew too long >_< (My GSD injured his ear when he was scratching it T_T)

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