the setup i have at home, playstation 2 in the middle and xbox 360 to the right on a 32″ samsung lcd monitor, the 360 is directly connected to the router using a lan cable to enable tversity sharing with my pc

xbox360.pngI’m posting a funny video from YouTube uploaded by It is all about the topic. It is been quite a while since I won my Xbox 360 in a Microsoft event. I have not been playing many games on it but rather using it as a Media Center playing DivX movies, FLAC format Audio Files and Photos directly streamed from my PC using Tversity and has proven to be quite too useful almost as if it were a personal computer. I have always been an avid fan of Sony’s Playstation console but somehow I just think they overdid it with the (PS3) Playstation 3. c(”,)

ps3.pngOne thing bothers me with the PS3, the Blue Ray Disc. If you ask me, 40 gigabytes of disc space, especially in games, will always amount to lag. Unlike hard disk drives, removable discs are not mounted well enough to achieve high speeds and as it turns out I was right. The video posted below shows why this is so. It would have been better if they separated the Blue Ray Drive just like the Xbox 360 to reduce the cost of the console. A blank Blue Ray Disc would cost 1,000 Php ($25.00) here, how much more the games? They should have just placed the games in the DVD9 format. It looks as though they were trying to market it as a media console and not as a gaming console. Hopefully the price will go down throughout the year. You could save up to buy the console and you will save again for the games. In my humble opinion, if you would really really want to buy one, it would be better to get one that is second hand.

Summarizing this, To Sony, the Playstation consoles should always purely be for gaming! Put funds into the games you offer not into the console! This is the basic reason why the Playstation 2 and Playstation 1 were such great consoles. Have fun watching the video! c(”,)

this is a video from youtube created by, although it is quite harsh to playstation 3 owners, it does prove to have some points on the downsides of having a playstation 3 console

  1. ƒireƒox
    Apr 17, 2008

    hahaha… that clip is really hilarious packed with educated opinion. Indeed why make a console where you can play limited games due to either expensiveness or compatibility issues? ^_^

  2. Makmak Aerandir Inglorion
    Apr 20, 2008

    I think the difference between the two is their price.. Lol, If I were to buy one, I’d pick 360, it’s way more cheaper than PS3.. that’s my two cents.

  3. Henshin
    Aug 01, 2008

    I still got doubts what to grab for Resident Evil 5. A PS3 or Xbox but i think i would go for Xbox since it can be modified unlike PS3. PS3 is also way too expensive but they cut their price by 100$ with a new PS3 model which will be ship this coming September. I love console wars.