Religion, Belief, Jesus Christ and God

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cross.pngI just read this discussion in Blog Catalog: Do You Believe In Him, jamesparmis asks “Do you believe in him?”, I have not posted in a while and this was an interesting topic about and for that all I can say is…


Yes, I do believe but regarding religion:

“I have nothing against any form of religion, all I see in this world are two types of people, the good and the bad.”M o u s h i g o

It’s a cruel fact that religion can cause drastic changes to a person’s view in life. It is also too common to see people looking and finding religion in good and sometimes weird ways. I say pick one and be good! ^_^

8 thoughts on “Religion, Belief, Jesus Christ and God

  1. I don’t really care about religion..

    For me, it’s faith, not religion.

    peace out.

  2. its true. we can not be save by mere religion.

    Its not the religion/doctrines/traditions that will save us, its God.

    So what we need is RELATIOnSHIp to our God. Not religion.

    God as our father and we as his son.

    religion means “to tie back” so it means to tie back our relationship with GOd that was broken when our ancestors adam and eve committed the first disobidience/sin.

    But heres the catch…We cannot “tie back” by our own strength nor by wisdom nor by intellignence to God.

    Thats why GOD sent his son JESUS CHrist to save us. So salvation is a gift from God and not by our own works so no one will boast. – Eph. 2:8,9

    Its by accepting JESUS as our savior that saves us.
    and because of loving JESUs the result is we will obey GOD and do good things not the other way around.



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