How to Spot a Good Motherboard

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I was recently browsing the web to check the price of my motherboard, when I found something surprising. I purchased my Intel DG965WHMKR motherboard for Php 6,500.00 back in May 2005, and as I was checking the prices I found out that the average price for this motherboard is currently and possibly for the year 2009 would be at Php 6,100.00 and that price is for outside the Philippines. How much more would that be if the board is to be purchased here it probably would cost at least Php 8,000.00. Anyway, here are some tips to picking a good board.... Click here to read more

The Differences of the Xbox 360 and PS3 (or Playstation 3) to a Gamer

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the setup i have at home, playstation 2 in the middle and xbox 360 to the right on a 32″ samsung lcd monitor, the 360 is directly connected to the router using a lan cable to enable tversity sharing with my pc

xbox360.pngI’m posting a funny video from YouTube uploaded by It is all about the topic. It is been quite a while since I won my Xbox 360 in a Microsoft event. I have not been playing many games on it but rather using it as a Media Center playing DivX movies, FLAC format Audio Files and Photos directly streamed from my PC using Tversity and has proven to be quite too useful almost as if it were a personal computer. I have always been an avid fan of Sony’s Playstation console but somehow I just think they overdid it with the (PS3) Playstation 3. c(”,)... Click here to read more

Intel Extreme Motherboard D5400XS (Skulltrail), the Overclocked Server!

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Intel SkulltrailIntel’s latest top of the line motherboard, the Intel D5400XS, is the only desktop motherboard that I can say can perform as a gaming rig as well as performing the duties of a 24/7 server. It might be a pointless,stupid and unnecessary idea to do so because this would boost the price tremendously so no one will be able buy this board but that is just what Intel is all about.., to be able to balance extreme reliability and extreme performance. I dubbed it as the first ever retail "Overclocked Server" even though it is not a common thing to overclock servers. c(”,).... Click here to read more

The Phenomenology of Love

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Searching through a vast wasteland of MS Word documents in my computer I was able to find a worth while read. I wrote this article for our Philosophy 104 class in college and it at landed a perfect score at 100%! I really don’t know why because I don’t really have good grammatical skills in writing even now. I remember I was still in third year college back then, It took a lot of time to think about this article and most of it discusses on how Filipinos differ from other countries when it comes to love. c(”,)... Click here to read more