MagicJack Installation, Firewall Setup and Port Settings

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magicjack.jpgUPDATED ON APRIL 7, 2011 Magic Jack, this amazing usb device will allow you to make unlimited calls to the US and Canda for $20.00 per year and better yet, you get a registered landline number that allows you to receive calls. I’ve found a lot of sites on how to set up routers, firewalls and access points to allow Magic Jack to pass through. None of them worked. It was agitating so I had to do some tests on my own. Read on for the complete port lists.... Click here to read more

Basic Home Theater Setup and Installation for Newbies

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Amplifier ConnectionsLooks complicated doesn’t it? Nowadays home theater systems are getting cheaper and more affordable and I still can’t find a decent guide about installing, setting up and basics of these home theaters. Then I realized there are not a lot of good guides because there are hundreds of home theater variations and so I created this guide. This is a very basic guide for home theaters. It won’t deal with how DTS works or how HDMI works. I won’t bother with very technical details because technology changes but the basic fundamentals do not. This guide just tells you how to connect the devices, the two types of experience you get from a home theater and to understand what __ IN / __ OUT jacks are so that you can use the system without paying for the expensive installation cost.... Click here to read more

Opening of Ahia Bags Barbecue Grill in Kadayawan 2008 Beer Festival on August 1, 2008

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Ahia Bags Barbecue LogoKadayawan! It is that time of year when Davaoenos give thanks to a bountiful harvest. My friends and I also have a way of thanking by opening up a new business venture in the barbecue business but with cheaper and and BIG sized barbecues. It’s called AHIA BAGS BARBECUE GRILL. This is my first business venture and I have to say it has been quite hard planning it and we have been having a lot of arguments over the said business and so it is indeed true that friendships will always not come first but purely business. The recipe we have for this barbecue has been a secret for quite a while and is a recipe for most of the successful barbecue businesses in Davao. It’s hot,tangy, sweet and tasty, mmmm, makes your mouth water doesn’t it? ^_^, The location of the Beer Festival, this event is hosted by San Miguel Philippines, will be at F.Torres Street beside the Davao Convention Center and across Bakbak. Here is a diagram of the event:... Click here to read more