MagicJack Installation, Firewall Setup and Port Settings

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magicjack.jpgUPDATED ON APRIL 7, 2011 Magic Jack, this amazing usb device will allow you to make unlimited calls to the US and Canda for $20.00 per year and better yet, you get a registered landline number that allows you to receive calls. I’ve found a lot of sites on how to set up routers, firewalls and access points to allow Magic Jack to pass through. None of them worked. It was agitating so I had to do some tests on my own. Read on for the complete port lists.... Click here to read more

Installing and Setting Up Teamspeak

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Skype, Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk and Live Messenger, all these have a lot of useless stuff you will not need when the only thing you want to do is have a voice conference with 5-10 or more people. Teamspeak is a dehydrated version of all these messengers leaving only voice conferencing which is solely what you need when multi-tasking. This is most useful when in online games. So to all •Barons• members or anyone who is a member of guild that does sieges out there, this is how to do it. c(”,)... Click here to read more

Linksys RV042 Dual WAN Router Setup

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We recently got a Linksys RV042 Dual Wan Router from MicroOptech Davao City, if you’re looking for a good computer shop that finds items for you outside Davao, this is the one. It only took them “TWO” (2) days to get it for us together with a 3com 24-ports 10/100 Mbps LAN Switch! I also purchased some of my computer’s parts here but I will post about it later. I also included a 5-step guide to installing and the configuration of this router, it can be found in the last part of the post. ... Click here to read more

WordPress Installed

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Finally installed wordpress after one week of waiting for to approve my domain registration and hosting plan. Hmmmmm what categories should I place. It was fairly easy, just enable PHP 5, ISAPI for PHP, clear the httpdocs folder and extract all files inside the wordpress zipped file (index.php must show as /httpdocs/index.php), create a MySQL database and modify the wp-config-sample.php with your database name, user and password, rename the file into wp-config.php and hit in your browser and you are done!... Click here to read more