Trivial SMTP ASP.NET Winsock Connectivity Issues

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ASP.NETLately I have been experiencing issues with running SMTP on ASP.NET 1.1 on a Windows Server specifically the Standard edition. It was a trivial issue and very difficult to trace. The problem would appear in just a day and sometimes will disappear for weeks. The issue has been attributed to a Winsock crash (ASP.NET informs this through the error page). I have not found I have not found any blogs that tackle this issue so I hope this post will help others.... Click here to read more

Intel Extreme Motherboard D5400XS (Skulltrail), the Overclocked Server!

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Intel SkulltrailIntel’s latest top of the line motherboard, the Intel D5400XS, is the only desktop motherboard that I can say can perform as a gaming rig as well as performing the duties of a 24/7 server. It might be a pointless,stupid and unnecessary idea to do so because this would boost the price tremendously so no one will be able buy this board but that is just what Intel is all about.., to be able to balance extreme reliability and extreme performance. I dubbed it as the first ever retail "Overclocked Server" even though it is not a common thing to overclock servers. c(”,).... Click here to read more