How to Spot a Good Motherboard

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dg965whjpgI was recently browsing the web to check the price of my motherboard, when I found something surprising. I purchased my Intel DG965WHMKR motherboard for Php 6,500.00 back in May 2005, and as I was checking the prices I found out that the average price for this motherboard is currently and possibly for the year 2009 would be at Php 6,100.00 and that price is for outside the Philippines. How much more would that be if the board is to be purchased here it probably would cost at least Php 8,000.00. Anyway, here are some tips to picking a good board.... Click here to read more

Taking Care of A New German Sheperd (Check Out His Pedigree!)

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We are getting a new German Shepherd puppy this Sunday, his name is Solo Von Kaiserplatz. He was sired by Tasso of Greenwater, and his mom, Hana vom Team Fiemereck, was a purebred champion. I also posted his pedigree database entry. He has a really interesting story when he was born, Something terrible happened to his tail….... Click here to read more

How to insert Google Search Results into your WordPress Page

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Inserting Google’s search script is quite easy but how do you insert the actual search results into your WordPress custom page? I have created this simple easy to understand guide on how to insert google search results into your WordPress page. It also includes the first step which is to have a Google AdSense account. Please leave comments if you think there’s something wrong with the guide.... Click here to read more