How to insert Google Search Results into your WordPress Page

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Inserting Google’s search script is quite easy but how do you insert the actual search results into your WordPress custom page? I have created this simple easy to understand guide on how to insert google search results into your WordPress page. It also includes the first step which is to have a Google AdSense account. Please leave comments if you think there’s something wrong with the guide.... Click here to read more

WordPress Installed

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Finally installed wordpress after one week of waiting for to approve my domain registration and hosting plan. Hmmmmm what categories should I place. It was fairly easy, just enable PHP 5, ISAPI for PHP, clear the httpdocs folder and extract all files inside the wordpress zipped file (index.php must show as /httpdocs/index.php), create a MySQL database and modify the wp-config-sample.php with your database name, user and password, rename the file into wp-config.php and hit in your browser and you are done!... Click here to read more